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Send a message so the government knows how important defending nature is to you.

"Last Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released the ministerial mandate letters, the official directions to ministers of this new government on how to get to work. Ministers are now  committed to the biggest nature protection initiative in Canadian history: protecting 25% of land and oceans by 2025, and 30% by 2030.

These goals are incredible news and, if achieved, will help protect and recover species that have been in free fall and safeguard ecosystems for generations to come. But if progress is stalled, there could be irreversible damage to wildlife and iconic Canadian landscapes.

MPs, ministers and their staff are putting together work plans for this new parliament’s session and priorities for the federal budget. The best way to ensure the government is successful in its historic nature protection pursuits is to let the prime minister know how much public support there is for these initiatives."

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