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Sign now: Emergency petition to reinstate $100BN in green spending for the recovery

Wildfires are ravaging the West Coast and suffocating cities in smoke.1

Photo by Jiroe on Unsplash

The climate crisis isn’t just around the corner — it’s here. And if we don’t act now, apocalyptic skies could become our new norm.

But a leaked memo that said the federal government could be shelving a proposal from the Environment Minister for $100 billion in green spending for our recovery from COVID-19 - because they’re afraid the public isn’t on board.

Prime Minister Trudeau and cabinet ministers are meeting right now, to set the agenda for our economic recovery. This is our last chance to speak up — and show them that the public 100% backs a recovery that invests in a green future.

Will you sign the petition demanding Trudeau and cabinet put $100 billion of green spending back into our economic recovery plan?

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