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Tell Your MPP: Vote No on a Free Pass for Polluters

"Bill 132 is good for polluters, but bad for the environment.

The Premier is scrapping a bunch of environmental laws that he labels ‘red tape.’

Here’s what Ford is really doing:

1. Putting drinking water at risk

Bill 132 gets rid of by-laws that stop gravel companies from digging too deep, taking power away from communities to protect their own water.

2. Harming bee health

Bill 132 weakens Ontario’s pesticide laws, making it easier to apply the neonics that kill bees and other pollinators.

3. Ending daily fines for spills

Bill 132 eliminates the daily fines for dumping contaminants into lakes and rivers, removing the incentive to quickly clean up toxic spills.

4. Letting polluters off the hook

Bill 132 makes it easier for polluters to escape their fines by weakening the appeals process to favour polluters.

5. Cutting without consulting

Bill 132 de-regulates 12 major environmental laws* without giving experts, the public, and First Nations the time they need to provide valuable input."

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