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Wed Aug 26, 1pm: 3% Project Webinar Part 2: Skills Development + Q&A


3% Project has crossed Canada 4 times, visiting 500 schools nationwide. Why? To educate us on climate solutions and to empower us to take action within our own communities. Our goals are simple: to achieve more consensus Canada-wide that climate change is real, that its biggest cause is human-created, and to empower youth to take local action towards climate change solutions in their communities. Together, we can create change.

Now that 3% Project has completed their mission, they have written a report to share what they have learned.

Webinar Part 2: Skills Development + Q&A

Date: Wed August 26

Time: 1 - 2pm


“Skills Development” explores six opportunities for young Canadians to exercise the muscle for sustainability problem-solving skills to make it a core competency of our generation.

We have a culture in high schools where we celebrate anything students do as long as it is well-intended regardless of its results. In fact, we don’t even measure the results. How can we know what we have achieved if we don’t even measure our results? We overinflate impact; we think we’re making a lot of difference; we continue doing it for years because it ‘feels good,’ but here’s the result: The problems in the community don’t go away. They’re still there, even though we think we’re doing so much. We conclude everyone else must be the problem, or these problems are unfixable. We become jaded, indifferent, cynical. We don’t realize: we are part of the problem.

After nation-building, I treasure skills development the most. The ability to get stuff done is what young people need the most. We need to learn how to solve problems. We need opportunities to practice solving problems. We need resources to take a shot at problem-solving.

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