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Meeting Summary: Nov 20, 2019 - Neighbours for the Planet Climate Action Meeting

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

17 people attended the meeting.

Monica and Carrie held a Climate Reality slide show presentation 24 Hours of Reality: Truth in Action, a global conversation on the climate crisis and how we solve it.

With Bill's help, the group decided to focus on 3 initiatives. After some brainstorming, categories were established for each initiative:

1. Reducing Food Waste

  • Public Awareness

  • Engage with Stores

  • Engage with Restaurants

  • Household/Family

  • Multi-unit buildings (apartments, condos, townhouses)

  • Schools

  • Technology (existing food discount apps for restaurants and grocery stores)

  • Municipality

  • Community Farming

  • Research

2. Promoting a Plant Based Diet

  • Education

  • Cooking Classes

  • Sponsorship from grocery chains

  • Growing vegetables and seed exchanges

3. Transportation

  • Bike lanes

  • Car pooling

  • Electric vehicles

  • Public transport

  • Lobbying and policy

  • Walking

Agenda items for next meeting

  • Climate moment

  • Training on how to use Slack – by Reuben

  • Updates by each group leader on status of action item

  • Next Steps for each group to work on for next meeting

Meetings are held twice a month.

Next meeting will be in first week of December. Date and time coming soon.

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