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Meeting Summary: Nov 6, 2019 - Neighbours for the Planet Meeting

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

10 people attended.

Meeting Summary:

The group added a few initiatives to our list from last meeting. The list now comprises of:

  1. Reducing Food waste – in our homes, grocery stores, restaurants etc

  2. Plant based diet – here we are looking at small steps so not to scare people off and would basically be promoting reducing our meat consumption. This might include having monthly cooking classes to help with creating new meatless meals and build our community.

  3. Transportation – we talked about building Electric Vehicle charging infrastructure – the focus would be on multi-unit housing where it is more difficult to add a charging unit, as well as malls and community spaces (libraries, community centres)

  4. Tree Planting to help sequester carbon emissions - the idea is to do a fund raiser and collect money to plant trees either locally or to organizations already set up to collect donations and plant trees in other countries. The fund raiser would also be an effective way to grow our climate community.

  5. Climate actions in the schools. We will work with students in various schools to help them organize and collaborate together to form climate action hubs in their schools. A lot of students feel hopeless about the future and we are encouraging them to take their power back and take climate action.

  6. Carbon Offsets - flying results in huge carbon emissions. But sometimes it is unavoidable. There are a lot of ways that we can offset these carbon emissions that can result in positive, lasting change to a carbon free future. The idea is to help people be aware of different carbon offset projects so that they don't have to feel guilty when there is a need to fly.

  7. Ethical Funds - A lot of people may want to divest from investments that support fossil fuels but don't know what funds actually support our transition to green renewable energy. We will research and inform people of options they have.

FREE film screening of Anothropecene: The Human Epoch.

  • This is a Canadian documentary film, which premiered at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival and has received 2 awards (Canadian Screen Award for Best Feature Length Documentary; and Canadian Screen Award for Best Cinematography in a Feature Documentary). On top of that, Jennifer Baichwal, one of the filmmakers is holding a Q&A session after the movie!

  • This is a great opportunity to reach people outside of our climate circle. Please help us share this far and wide in your networks; and social media. More details and to register. Please help us by sharing on Facebook.

Writing Letters to local MPPs about the Ford government's Carbon Tax campaign

Please help us in this initiative as Carbon Pricing is an important tool in reducing our carbon emissions. I will attach a PDF for contact info for local representatives shortly,

Here is the suggested content of letters or emails.

  • Intro

  • Your Ask:

  • Stop fighting in court – wasting public $$$

  • Remove misleading stickers from gas pumps

  • Tell the truth about Carbon Pricing

  • Personal story/explanation of why important to me

  • Federal election was a statement on climate issue

  • Once you have written your letter or email it, post it on Facebook and say that you sent it to your local MPP and then suggest that others do the same!​

Next meeting Wed Nov 20, 7-9pm at the Loft at Richmond Hill Longos. More details here.

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